Shigeru Miyamoto has created a plethora of game characters and games. Many of his ideas come from his hobbies. He has expressed his desire in making an all-new character. That could mean an all new game. But what?


Miyamoto's game design M.O. is often based on his hobbies. He takes up gardening and makes Pikmin. He gets a dog and comes up with Nintendogs. He enjoys measuring things, and comes up with a weight guessing game in Wii Fit Plus. He likes music and makes...Wii Music.

He has proven himself to be a game creator who draws upon his life now for the above titles or his childhood for, say, The Legend of Zelda. As of last year, we know the man got a cat — now there is a Nintendogs and at E3 last month it was revealed that Nintendo is working on Nintendogs & Cats for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS.


Nintendo forbids Miyamoto to discuss his hobbies, fearing that the world will get the jump on what he is creating.


Certainly this must make small talk odd:
"What are your hobbies?"
"I cannot tell you. I am forbidden."

Let's take a quick inventory of the man: Miyamoto is 57 years old. He has a lot of money. Earlier this year, he mentioned that he was influenced by 1960s, drug-laced counter culture flick Easy Rider. And forbidden or not, Miyamoto has recently told a group of Japanese investors that he has currently taken up swimming. Does that mean he might make a game in which the goal is to collect coins and players eat, say, magic mushrooms, and maybe there's swimming, too?


Oh. Wait.


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