So, Shigeru Miyamoto Got A Cat

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Remember when Shigeru Miyamoto started weighing himself everyday? We got Wii Fit. And before that, he had a dog. We got Nintendogs. And even before that, he took up gardening. We got Pikmin. Now, Miyamoto has a cat.


At a Nintendo meeting today, Kotaku has learned that it was announced that, yes, Shigeru Miyamoto has a cat. Nintendo typically keeps Miyamoto's hobbies secret because they sometimes end up as the inspiration for new games.

Currently, Miyamoto is working on the new Zelda Wii title, which will sport swordplay with the MotionPlus feature. He is also working on a "DS game to play at home" and is interested in how the DS can be used in "public spaces".


Nintendo mentioned that the company was not against HD, and Miyamoto pointed out that a title like Wii Fit would not benefit greatly from HD, but the Nintendo creator added that a game like, say, Pikmin would.

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So then, the next Nintendo game will ignore your inputs unless it's in the game's best interests? #shigerumiyamoto