Ninty Forbids Miyamoto to Discuss His Hobbies

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And not because Shigeru likes to overshare about latent pyromania, internet porn, or armpit farting the William Tell overture. It's because if he did, the industry would collectively say, "A-ha! We now know what Nintendo is making next!" and rush to squat on that IP first. And then their moms would say, "If Shigeru Miyamoto jumped off the Empire State Building, would you?" And when they replied "Yes," it wouldn't be out of spite.At least, that's the reasoning behind an item in The Times of London. The piece connects some dots - Miyamoto loves puzzles, Brain Age follows; Miyamoto interested in exercise, Wii Fit is born; Miyamoto takes music lessons, Wii Music unveiled. And the writer, attributing to sources within Nintendo, says the third time was enough and Nintendo has asked Miyamoto to hush up about his interests. Me, I think Shiggy should lay a bunch of red herrings out there. He should start saying that he likes, I dunno, visiting water pipe bars, researching graves and farming wheat. Then someone would run out and set a survival horror/genealogical research game in Kansas with a motion control bong. And that would be really fun to play. And Nintendo can get the idea out there as a trial balloon without taking any of the risk. Why am I not a consultant? The Nintendo Gaming World Awaits Another Mario [The Times, thanks readers Mesren_Makai and TJ]

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@Suda51: You are my idol, sir. I love every game you ever made! ;-)

Seriously, he deserves a rest, he gave us soo much already... and im all for new ideias, new ips, real new games, wich is something that we are seeing less and less everyday, unless you count with wiiware/psn/xbla, where smaller games take more risks innovatinh because they can afford to do so.

Yet, I also want the games I grew up with to get thsi current gen update. I want to see the ultimate F-Zero, the ultimate Starfox and the ultimate Pilotwings on the Wii. I do not think it is too much to ask.

The Wii and the DS were the first machines I got from Nintendo that I did not buy with F-Zero (besides the origial brick GameBoy, of course). I bought a SNES with F-Zero, a N64 with F-Zero, GBA with F-Zero and The GameCube when F-Zero GX came out (wich I still play to this very day). I eagerly await any news about the next F-Zero on either machine.

Oh well, im off to my Wii and play F-Zero GX... I can't talk about it without feeling the need to GO FAST... im such a speed junkie...