Let's Cook Tasty Pork Treats with Capcom's Big Cheese

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Kenzo Tsujimoto is the CEO of Capcom, one of the world's most famous video game developers and publishers. But that's not all he does! He's also mad for a drop of the ol' claret. Oh, and he makes a mean okonomiyaki as well.


Okonomiyaki is a versatile Japanese treat, something akin to a pizza, sandwich or stew, the idea being you can just cook up and toss anything you like in (and on) for a bit of comfort food. And Tsujimoto has been making them for so long that he calls it his hobby. No wonder, it's a regional dish in Osaka, where Capcom is headquartered.


Traditionally they're like a pancake, made of batter mixed with things like cabbage and yam, and topped with sauce. Then grilled. There are local variants and family preferences, of course (see here for the Ashcraft's favourite!), and in a story for the San Francisco Chronicle, Tsujimoto shares his own family recipe for the dish. Which includes sliced pork belly. Oh yes.

His tips are to "make sure to choose the fattier part of the pork for flavor", as well as adding some pickled ginger.

You can find the full recipe at the link below. Which I think I'm going to take a stab at for dinner tonight.


Okonomiyaki - Bay Area gets comfort food from Japan [SFGate]

(Top photo: John Storey | SF Chronicle)

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Cue the MvC3, Megaman and free demo bitching...

I tried Okonomiyaki only once, but I didn't take too much of a fancy to it. I've had the crisps that are flavoured with it though, and they taste pretty good.

Maybe it's time to give it another try.