Sony exec Scott Steinberg has a blog over at game site EDGE which he can use to tell us why the PS3 is so darn great. And he does just that. So far, the Sony exec has written one post at EDGE called "My Belief in the PlayStation 3 Advantage" (wow! he believes in his product), and it reads pretty much like a press release. In his post, Steinberg sings the praises of things like Blu-ray ("The entire industry is supporting Blu-ray"). He goes on to talk about stuff like the PSN — hey, did you hear? services are free! — and even does a short product pitch for the 80GB PLAYSTATION 3. There's more as well, including some grandstanding:

In the next few years, you’re going to start to see us separate from the herd. Some of the other platforms are going to look very dated because their life spans are so much shorter than ours... If you’re a competitor I’ve got bad news for you because we’ve got some absolute blockbusters that are in the works, some of them new IP, some of them existing IP, that we’re building specifically for the PS3... From a competitive standpoint our competitors are going to have a tougher road now then even in 2008. But for PlayStation 3 consumers, it means more quality and more choice.


Don't blame EDGE! EDGE has oodles of industry folks writing for them. Thing is, they don't seem as blatant. Well, at least Steinberg doesn't beat around the bush. We guess. Nothing quite like the hard sell! My Belief in the PlayStation 3 Advantage [EDGE]

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