Love them or hate them, the Resident Evil films make money. The series has taken in over US$378 million worldwide. There must be a reason for this. According to actress Milla Jovovich, there is.

"Resident Evil has always been an independent movie, which I think is very special about it. It's not a studio concoction," Jovovich tells Reuters. "We started as a tiny, little European action film, and everybody involved, Paul, myself and Michelle Rodriguez, were into the game."


A tiny European action film with a US$30 million dollar budget, starring a movie star and produced by the some of the biggest producers in Europe. Oh, it also had a soundtrack featuring Marilyn Manson. Granted, $30 million isn't the inflated budgets of today, but it wasn't chump change for its time.

"People are smart today," Jovovich continues. "They know when you're lying to them. They know when you're trying to pull one over on them, and we're not trying to pull anything over on anybody."

Previously, Jovovich said they continue to make Resident Evil movies because they turn a profit. She also said she wasn't really a gamer, but "definitely more of a book person".


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