Hollywood has already churned out three Resident Evil films. Three films? That's a trilogy. Now, director Paul W.S. Anderson and his star/fiancée Milla Jovovich are making a fourth. Why? Money.

"The movie makes money," says Jovovich. "If it makes more money than the last one, you'd think that people want to see another one, so we'll do another one. There's been a lot of interest online, there's been a lot of letters from fans... film company. It's not like I said, 'Hey, honey! Let's do another one right away!' I mean, it's an expensive film and it's all business and if the third one didn't do well, there wouldn't be another one."

Slated for a September 2010, the fourth film is dubbed Resident Evil: Afterlife and will be in 3D. According to Jovovich, Anderson has been busying himself by boning up on every 3D film that's ever been made. "Especially for a movie like this," the actress adds, "because it's wild and a lot of action and a lot of potential for 3D to use the medium at its best."

Anderson has inked a deal with the folks who are doing Avatar's 3D to bring their expertise to Afterlife.

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