Lemmy and King Diamond Gameplay Trailers

Here's two more Guitar Hero: Metallica trailers, featuring Motorhead and King Diamond, showing the headbanging action you won't see because you're concentrating on the note highways. Sweet mercyful crap, dig some of those sets.


Of course, the full tracklist has already been revealed, but here's a viewers guide of the songs in each video:


Guitar Hero: Metallica - Lemmy:
Fuel (Metallica)
Ace of Spades (Motorhead)
Mommy's Little Monster (Social Distortion)
Fade to Black (Metallica)

Guitar Hero: Metallica - King Diamond
Seek & Destroy (Metallica)
Stone Cold Crazy (Queen)
Evil (Mercyful Fate)
The Thing That Should Not Be (Metallica)

Guitar Hero: Metallica Videos [IGN via GoNintendo]

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You guys know if this is coming out bundled with all 3 instruments or only as a stand alone disc?