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Leisure Suit...Lenny?

Alright Ashcraft. I'll see your Japanese schoolgirl drumming and raise you a one-man band, who is named after a classic 80's/90's adventure game series from Sierra.


This is Lenny, a musician from my home town of Canberra, Australia who between gigs in actual bands sometimes plays a one-man show. And when he does, he becomes Leisure Suit Lenny.


Not as well-dressed as Al Lowe's luckless Romeo, star of Sierra's old adventure game series, but he plays a mean one-handed drum.

UPDATE - Let's double the one-man action with Duracell's take on the Space Harrier & Turrican themes (thanks Kevin!)

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Whilst his ambidexterous skills are incredibly impressive, I see your Lenny and raise you an 11 year old drumming prodigy, Tony Royster Jr. He's currenty on tour with Jay-Z now, but he's the drummer in the Nickelodeon house band. And yes, he's actually improved massively in his adult years.