This Schoolgirl Is Good At Drumming

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Senri Kawaguchi (in the pink shirt) is a 13-year-old junior high school student. But that's not all.

She's also a drumming whiz. She's been drumming since she was a kid (I know, she's still a kid), and most of her vids on her site are of her doing the drumming parts for songs from schoolgirl rocker anime K-On!! and K-On!. She got into the anime last summer.

But before you think she's some kind of one trick pony, check out her drumming jazz standard Night In Tunisia at a Shibuya club. She's a talented drummer!


SEGA has recently revealed that it is working on a K-On! video game.


There are many young drummers, yes. (This child certainly is a favorite!) But I'm not sure how many of them are schoolgirls drumming schoolgirl anime songs.

Thanks Alice for the drumming 3 year-old! [Pic]

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Chestnut Bowl

She got it, man. I hope she stays with music for the rest of her life.

Also, that's a rather interesting version of A Night In Tunisia. Closer to a rock cover of a Jazz standard and a jazz performance. Just being nitpicky, though.

I wonder if this Senri Kawaguchi is going to join a rock band at some point, if she hasn't already?

(Also, Bashcraft, thanks for pointing out Senri in that first photo; I wouldn't have known otherwise ;) )