LEGO The Hobbit Game Rumored for 2014 Release

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A user in the Brickset LEGO enthusiast forum has posted what appears to be promotional materials for a LEGO The Hobbit adaptation, launching some time next year. The image is said to come from the instruction booklet to 2014 The Hobbit sets.


Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PC and Wii U are listed as platforms for the game, developed by longtime LEGO studio Tt Games and to be published by Warner Brothers Interactive. We've emailed a WBIE representative to either confirm or debunk this particular rumor, and will update here if any comment is made.

That's the image above; the URL it references ( leads nowhere right now. Update: It now redirects to here, but there's no word of a video game there.


The Hobbit 2013 Sets [Brickset via Polygon]

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Nowadays every mainstream series gets a Lego game.

What's next, Hunger Games? Fifty Shades of Grey? Ender's Game?.