Skilled modder "ZapWizard" is going above and beyond for a project tied to the "Dismember the Alamo" zombie film festival ambling to Alamo Draft House later this month. He's recreated the theater in great detail in Left 4 Dead.

What's more, Mr. Wizard is aiming to have the Alamo Draft House-gone-horribly-wrong playable at said film fest, complete with arcade-style cabinets. The recreation of the famed cinema chain is impressive, with recreations of each theater room in various states of destruction, custom-made posters and stills from zombie flicks projected on each theater's silver screen.

Take a minute to eyeball the work in progress Left 4 Dead map at the forum conversation below, take note of the detail and hope for its swift availability for download following the film fest.

Dismember the Alamo [Austin Modders - thanks, Edward!]