Left 4 Dead, Empire: Total War Patched, Hopefully Feeling Better By The Morning

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Left 4 Dead and Empire: Total War have been patched in the past 24 hours. In Left 4 Dead's case to tweak a few things, while for Empire, it's an attempt to fix some horrendous bugs.


LEFT 4 DEAD - The game's VS Mode has been updated, mostly to fix a few issues concerning the Tank. He can now take out multiple survivors with one swing, while a few other issues - like being able to punch through walls and some spawning errors - have been fixed.

EMPIRE: TOTAL WAR - Oh boy. Is this game buggy. Luckily for me, in the week or so I've been playing it I haven't had anything crash on me (just a ton of AI errors and loading hangs), but there are plenty of people out there not so lucky. This latest update, then, is intended for you.

The release notes claim that the update has "fixed a variety of crash and memory leak issues", though your own mileage may vary. Some people are reporting fixes, others say it hasn't done squat.

You can check out the full list of fixes/attempted fixes for both games below:


Versus Mode Changes

Tank melee attack can now hit multiple Survivors in one swing

Fixed Tank punch being able to hit targets behind walls

Fixes to 'Tank parking'. The Tank will now run back and attack the Survivors if he becomes AI due to two players expiring the frustration meter

Fixed a case where a Tank frustration meter could run out right as he was in his death animation and he would come back to life

Fixed a case where the Tank was moving too slowly while crouching and being shot

Tanks now have the possibility of spawning in a slightly different position for the first and second teams

The order that the teams play as Survivors is now determined by which team has the higher overall score. The winning team will play as Survivors first

The Smoker tongue can now target and grab victims through common infected

Increased the cone in which a Smoker can grab a target

The Witch no longer cuts Smoker tongues in a radius around her

Boomers that explode in mid-air will now hit Survivors directly below them with Bile

Reduced the damage that burning Hunters do to pounced victims

Adjusted the time at which players take over from bots to avoid 5 seconds of the bot standing idle while the player finishes connecting.

Fixed some cases where versus score was not being recalculated properly. It is no longer beneficial to pass pills between players at the end of the round or heal other players and then shoot them

Fixed a case where it was possible to spectate an AI infected and hit +use to take them over

Server Changes

Added convar sv_gametype that allows server operators to limit the types of games that will start on their server. Default value is 'coop,versus'. Can be changed to just 'coop' or just 'versus' to limit to those game types

General changes

Fixed a case where players would join as a dead Survivor when a living Survivor was still available

Fixed a case where restarting a level due to the team dying would give more than the max primary ammo on restart

Fixed the speaking icon showing up on the local player during level transition if voice_vox was set to 1

The scoreboard now shows the numeric value of a player's ping


Quick match will now try to match to any campaign. Removed the preference to match to games according to the player progressing through all campaigns

Games in a finale are now joinable via the Friends and Steam Group games list


Fixed Alt-Tab issue which prevents players from switching away from a fullscreen window

Fixed text rendering for certain resolutions

Fixed localized font overrun issues

Fixed a variety of crash and memory leak issues

Fixed a variety of multiplayer client lock

Fixed trade nodes for those nations with resource in home region which caused unprofitable trade theatre routes eg: Sweden and Marathas.



I assume this is PC only for L4D, guess we'll have to wait another month to get the patch for 360. Love the changes.