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Valve has issued the latest update to its cooperative and competitive zombie killing sim Left 4 Dead 2, with changes that are sure to delight the Boomer in you.


The newly issued patch, now available on Steam and arriving for Xbox 360 owners in "an upcoming title update," deals away with the dreaded "auto spawn" feature during finales. Plus, it adds Special Infected bots, a change that will help fill out the zombie side when playing with fewer than four players.


The slightly bad news is that Valve has also reduced the effectiveness of melee weapons against the Tank. If you don't have the Tank Burger achievement, Xbox 360 gamers, better get it quick. There are plenty of additional, less exciting changes—though "Improved SurvivorBot AI" is never a bad thing—if you'd like to read 'em at the official Steam site.

Left 4 Dead 2 and the Left 4 Dead 2 SDK Update Released [Steam]

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