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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Learn More About BioShock 2 — Safely

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well, when it comes to exclusives, 2K Marin is putting out. Last week they gave it up for Gametrailers, this week they invited Gamespot up for some coffee and chat about BioShock 2.

This of course carries a bigtime spoiler alert, so, you been warned. Visit the write-up at your curiosity's peril. Or you can peruse the following, which contain the write-ups more more generic comments after Gamespot played a demo entitled "Hunting the Big Sister." (Come on, that title's not a spoiler, I guess).

• "[Bioshock] had a fairly self-contained story that ended pretty definitively. This posed a challenge for 2K Marin, but the studio has taken the world of BioShock and used it to tell a whole new story."


• "We watched our boy as he lumbered around a new section of Rapture - the team pointed out that the original game let you check out only a small part of the massive ruined metropolis."

• "A new gameplay mechanic lets you make use of your fancy diving suit to take a stroll on the outside of the city."


• "At first blush, the visuals in BioShock 2 seem on par with those of the first game—but after carefully scrutinizing them, we saw many subtle improvements. Lighting has been polished up considerably, and the overall level of detail seems to have been increased, too. We're especially fans of the particle effects we saw both indoors and underwater. The game is using an enhanced version of the technology from the original game, which helps maintain the look and feel of the battered city."

• "Given the raw power and range of abilities the big daddy you'll play, the team felt the need to create a formidable predator."They're not referring to the Big Sister. They were. I'm a jackass.


BioShock 2 Exclusive Impressions - First Look [Gamespot, SPOILER ALERT throughout]