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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Learn a Little About Call Of Duty's Online Subscription Plans

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Call of Duty, as has long been predicted/expected, is set to introduce a monthly subscription fee for its multiplayer users.

Launching as an online service, rather than a standalone product, Call of Duty Elite will be part of Modern Warfare 3 (and future titles) when its released in November, and will include the option of charging multiplayer gamers for access to stuff not available to regular consumers who only pay once for the game disc.


What's important to note is that this is not a pay wall. You're not being forced to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the game's multiplayer. Nor will Call of Duty Elite itself cost anything. Instead, the idea is that extra content will be offered to paying subscribers, for an undisclosed fee.


Some of that will come in the way of tools allowing players to analyse their behaviour and records. Another will be the fact subscribers will be given access to map packs.

That information can all be found in a report on the Wall Street Journal. For a lot more, including the specifics you're probably racing to the comments section to wonder about, check back with us at 9am EST Tuesday morning.

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