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PlayStation Universe says it has dug up the perk list for Call of Duty: World at Warand it looks legit enough, but without sourcing or confirmation, we're gonna call this rumor, same as other set lists, trophies, achievements and such. If it's on the level, then for everyone who resented Juggernaut and Martyrdom, those are back, so have fun. The full list is on the jump. Call of Duty: World at War drops Nov. 11 in North America, Nov. 12 in Australia, and Nov. 14 in Europe, on the 360, Wii, PS3, PC and DS.The perks: Perk 1 • Special Grenades x3 • Satchel Charge x2 • M9A1 Bazooka x2 • Bomb Squad • Bouncing Betty x2 (similar to claymores) • Bandolier • Primary Grenades x2 • M2 Flamethrower Perk 2 • Stopping Power • Fireworks (explosives cause more damage) • Flak Jacket (decreases damage taken by explosives) • Gas Mask • Juggernaut • Camouflage • Sleight of Hand • Shades (decreases intensity of signal flares) • Double Tap • Overkill Perk 3 • Deep Impact • Extreme Conditioning • Steady Aim • Toss Back (resets fuse on tossing back enemy grenade) • Second Chance (ability to revive allies) • Martyrdom • Fireproof • Dead Silence • Iron Lungs • Reconnaissance (shows artillery and tanks on map) Vehicle Perk • Water Cooler • Greased Bearings • Ordnance Training • Leadfoot • Coaxial Machine Gun Leaked Call of Duty: World at War Perk List [PlayStation Universe]

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