League Of Legends' Worlds Draw An Oscar-Worthy 32 Million Viewers

Illustration for article titled emLeague Of Legends/em Worlds Draw An Oscar-Worthy 32 Million Viewers

We knew a lot of people were watching SK Telecom T1 battle their way to the Summoner's Cup in League of Legends' Season 3 World Championship, but 32 million? This year's Oscars had 41 million, and that's packed with people paid to make us love them.


My first thought upon hearing the news, released today via blog post on the multiplayer online battle arena game's website, was "I don't remember seeing that many people at the Battle & Brew. I guess the other folks either showed up at the Staples Center or watched from home. They missed out. The Battle & Brew is pretty awesome.

32 million people probably wouldn't have fit anyway — not all at the same time at least. And to be fair to the Oscars, the 32 million viewing number is not a concurrent number. The most people watching at one time was only 8.5 million. Only 8.5 million.


No matter how you stack the viewers (giant Pringles cans FTW), League of Legends' Season 3 World Championships are the most-viewed event in esport history. Until Season 4 rolls around, at least.

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