On October 13, the League of Legends season two world championship tournament concluded, and one team, the Taipei Assassins, walked away with the $1 million prize. Today, Riot announced just how many LoL fans watched it happen.

The stadium where the competition took place held 8000 spectators. Another 8,282,000 unique viewers—well over eight million people—tuned in either online or on TV (in China and Korea) for part or all of the broadcast.

For a sense of comparison, the first game of this year's ALCS, between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers, which also took place on October 13, netted about 6.8 million viewers.


It seems that not only do an astonishing number of people play League of Legends, but a remarkable number of folks enjoy watching it, too.


Thank You, Summoners [League of Legends]