Those young men you see up there are five of the members of the Taipei Assassins, who on Saturday took out season 2 of the League of Legends World Championships at the Galen Centre in Los Angeles.

They easily defeated South Korean team Azubu Frost - at the centre of a cheating controversy that rocked the tournament last week—and in the process earned themselves $1 million in prizemoney.

That's professional sports levels of winnings. Like, seriously life-changing stuff. But then, what do you expect from a game that's oh so quietly become one of the biggest on the planet?


If the money didn't convince you how big a deal this thing was, know that over 20,000 people were there live, in person, to see it all go down.

The Taipei Assassins lift the tournament's trophy, the Summoner's Cup.

(Bottom image by artubr | Flickr)