League of Legends Shutting Down Mac Support

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After about a year of beta testing, Riot Games is canceling Mac OS support for League of Legends at midnight on Tuesday.


In a statement, Riot said it made the decision because "our current approach regarding the Mac platform won't guarantee the quality and frequent updates we deliver today on the PC." While this is the end of the Mac beta, it doesn't rule out the possibility of a Mac version in the future. "We are committed to building a solution that will work on the Mac in the long run," Riot said, "but it will take some time."

The shutdown is effective at midnight on Sept. 6.

The beta testers who used the League of Legends store may choose to receive a full refund, or keep their accounts open and continue to play on a PC.


Riot is also giving all Mac players a code for the Champions Pack. "Mac player" means a majority of one's logins came from that client. The code must be redeemed before Tuesday.

Announcement [League of Legends. For those who can't see the message, go here. h/t dlawrenc]

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So, we'll just have to wait for DOTA2... =)

Problem solved.

I only started playing League of Legends because I got really interested in DOTA2 during The International. So since DOTA2 isn't out yet and LoL was free, I tried it out.

The game is...hm..good, although I hated its aesthetics!

And I liked that a lot of friend of mine played the game...but on the other hand I freakin hated the community in this game. (generally speaking, obviously, I found some cool people in it...)

I don't think I've ever seen such a bad community in a game like in this one. (though I never played CoD on XBL)

And it's partially Riot's fault...


Anyway, DOTA2!!