Fans of hardcore child-rearing sims will no doubt find the Wii-exclusive "Baby and Me" to be a day-one purchase this year, promising a revolutionary new peripheral in which you stick a Wiimote inside a baby.

OK, not a real baby. A baby doll, of course. But it takes doll-playing to the next level by incorporating motion control (and balance board support!) into 18 game modes designed to test even the most darling little girl's resistance to saccharine depictions of parenting.


Not only that, this hellspawn will actually cry through the Wiimote's speaker. You quiet baby down by rocking, burping and teaching him/her/it to walk. There's even a feeding exercise. I'm sensing a Wiimote breast pump attachment down the line. And way to make everything creepy, Owen ...

This is the special edition, by the way. The regular game comes with a "holster" so you can attach the Wiimote to any other implement or household pet and pretend that is the baby, I guess. Baby and Me releases Nov. 10. I'm sure Luke will review it when he gets back.

Baby and Me Special Edition Puts Everything Else to Shame [Aussie-Nintendo via Go Nintendo]

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