Latest 2K10 Trailer Takes It Down on the Blocks

Noted low-post inhabitants Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard are joined by up-and-comers like Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge in this compilation of post-ups, drop-steps, and duck hooks in NBA 2K10, which hits the streets Oct. 6.

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Did I just see Nike representatives running off with some photographer's camera? I love how real this game gets, an actual NBA experience.

Edit: No post, either this game isn't as loved or we got a whole bunch of offended King James fans. :P

or maybe no one really watches the NBA? Go Spurs!

Edit2: It's getting lonely in here. So the Spurs made the best off season moves, I think a championship run is very likely. If we can keep Timmy and Manu healthy, that's a huge "IF".

Edit3: Am I the only one hoping for a LEGO NBA game? First time you could literally knock someones blocks off.