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Late-Game Super Mario Bros. 35 Is A True Gauntlet Of Death

Gif: Inazuma (Fair Use)

Depending on who you’re playing against, Super Mario Bros. 35 doesn’t always feel as adrenaline-fueled as certain other battle royales. But this look at some skilled survivalists shows just how intense its late game can get.


Whenever you kill an enemy in Super Mario Bros. 35 the game send it to the screen of one of the people you’re playing against. Early on that means a few extra goombas here and the occasional rogue koopa paratroopa there. The deeper you get into a match, though, the more fallen foes there are flying back and forth between screens. In a recent clip shared online by Japanese YouTuber inazuma0217tai1 and spotted by Nintendo Life, this arms race resulted in dozens of Lakitus floating around and dropping spinies en masse:


When the clip begins there are still 11 players left but events are already getting out of hand. By the time it ends, two minutes later, inazuma0217tai1, who is a professional Puyo Puyo player, is one of only two players left standing, literally, because he has nowhere else to go. Trapped on one of the green pipes near the end of level 1-1, he eventually gets cornered and overrun by spinies. It’s some real Boromir shit.

So far all of my Super Mario Bros. 35 matches have ended because of a silly mistake or mistimed jump. Even ones where I’m one of a handful of people left standing at the end are usually exercises in staying focused and patient rather than heated showdowns with other strangers online as they face down armies of Bowser’s minions. Inazuma0217tai1’s clip is proof of just how much more exciting competitive Super Mario Bros. 35 can be with skilled players at the helm. 

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Platypus Man

I’m pretty mediocre at Super Mario Bros, but I won my first match of 35. I don’t think I even bothered to play any more afterwards, because how hard can it be?

It certainly wasn’t like that in my match!