Wanting to engage in the most literal type of role-playing there is, a woman has posted an ad on Craigslist seeking "2 or 3 women for Star Trek roleplaying". The fact it has to end with the line "Nothing weird is going to happen" hints that, yeah, maybe some weird stuff is going to happen. At least by your everyday standards.

Here's the ad in full:

Need 2 or 3 women for Star Trek roleplaying. No nudity, no touching. STRICTLY "THE NEXT GENERATION" ERA CHARACTERS AND COSTUMES. Last time someone tried TOS and it was a disaster. There will be no mixing of eras. I don't want to hear how Captain Kirk is so great. Kirk isn't half the Captain that Picard is, OK? Kirk is a fat chauvinist ladies man. Picard is an honorable intellectual and an excellent diplomat. I built a bridge in my mom's garage and a small shuttlecraft. If this sounds like something you want to do let me know and I'll send you the script. I don't mind if your costume isn't terribly authentic, just make sure it's close to TNG era. Once you have your script you can think about your character and let me know about any ideas you have. We won't be filming anything it, it's just a fun way to spend an afternoon. Maybe my mom will make lunch. It helps if you know a lot about the show. The reason I need women is that the story is about getting stuck on a shuttlecraft. I can't tell you more now. Most weeknights and weekends are good times. Having your own props is an asset e.g. a phaser or a VISOR if your character needs one. Please respond with pic and short bio plus stats. Nothing weird is going to happen.

Before you go thinking she's insane, the author has written a great response piece of sorts to the attention the ad has attracted, reminding the world:

Almost every adult has an escapist realm they indulge. I know people who compulsively read romance novels, or build up old cars into works of art. Fantasy baseball, fantasy football, the office hockey pools, these are all escapist realms. People who watch Law & Order, CSI, Criminal Minds and other crime shows are indulging in a genre that is more widespread than science fiction. Professional sports is easily the most widespread and intense form of escapism and nearly every single person in the world indulges in some form of participation. To put it simply, there is nothing less redeeming in pretending to be characters from a TV show than putting on a jersey from your favorite football team and watching the game at a sports bar.


She's got a point.

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