Thanks to the spare-time efforts of a single coder, Marathon the beloved FPS from the zenith of Mac gaming's days, will be released on the iPad by Bungie for the low low cost of zero dollars and zero cents.

You may thank Daniel Blezek, who is a computer engineer "for a large medical center," and an indie iOS game developer in his spare time. Blezek began working on the port shortly after the iPad released in 2010, and brought it to the attention of Bungie, which profiled him in this week's update.


When they discovered someone had been mucking around with their IP, Bungie demanded an 80 percent cut of all sales, then set the sale price to zero dollars, zero cents. What's 80 percent from nothin'? Ask Billy Preston.

Seriously, though, the game is being released as a gift to gamers during Bungie's 20th anniversary. Blezek says the game will run at 30 fps and it will use touch controls that approximate Marathon's original keyboard commands. A specific release date was not mentioned, but will be coming soon.

Marathon: iPad [Bungie]

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