TRIBECA | NEW YORK, NY: A glimpse of the press swag bag handed out at the Tribeca L.A. Noire "screening" in Manhattan tonight. (Photo by Stephen Totilo)

Play A Game For Social Change

America may not be headed toward a future of citizens tracked with implanted chips, pacified by drugs and tightly segregated, but creating that Orwellian future now could be the best way to prevent it, one activist group thinks.
Rolling into its fourth week, Facebook game America 2049 is activism... More »


Sony Doesn't Know Yet If Your Credit Card Number Was Stolen

Sony has not yet determined if the personal information or credit card numbers of users on the still-offline Playstation Network have been stolen, according to a Sony spokesman.
Sony Computer Entertainment is conducting "thorough investigation" into the outage, Satoshi Fukuoka, a spokesman for Sony... More »


What's Wrong With The Mortal Kombat Strategy Guide?

To go along with last week's release of Mortal Kombat, Prima Games released a lovely hardbound collector's edition strategy guide to teach new players with an extra $35 how to play the game in style. More »


Despite Reports, No Arrest Yet in Playstation Network Outage

No arrests have been made connected to the Playstation outage, Kotaku has confirmed, despite a story making the rounds that claims FBI and others have issues warrants and made arrests.
Speaking to the FBI this morning, Kotaku confirmed there have been no arrests in the U.S.
The story, which seemed... More »

Nintendo's New Console 'Playable By Everyone' At E3

Nintendo's confirmation this morning that they'll be showing their new console at E3 left many unanswered questions, but also raised a note of skepticism. More »



Wikileaks Reveals Al Qaeda Used Sega Cartridges For Explosives

Newly released documents from Wikileaks related to Guantánamo Bay prisoners have an unusual video game connection. According to the Department of Defense's assessment records for Guantánamo detainees Hassan Mohammed Ali Bin Attash and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed-who confessed to masterminding... More »

Everything You Need To Know About The Playstation Network Outage

It has been almost a week since Playstation Network went offline because of an external intrusion.
Since Sony's still relatively quiet on the details of what happened and how it will impact us. More »



It Really is Time for the Wii 2, According to the People who Robbed Me this Weekend

There may be no clear winner in this generation's console wars, but there is definitely a clear loser, at least according to the people that broke into my apartment this weekend and stole every piece of electronic equipment they could get their hands on.
While they took every other gaming console... More »

The FBI doesn't typically comment on cases they are actively working on, so I wasn't surprised that they wouldn't talk about whether they were looking into the PSN outage. I'm not sure they really would, not unless credit card numbers were stolen and that's still complete speculation. What do you think is behind a nearly week-long PSN outage? –Brian Crecente


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