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What's Wrong With The Mortal Kombat Strategy Guide?

To go along with last week's release of Mortal Kombat, Prima Games released a lovely hardbound collector's edition strategy guide to teach new players with an extra $35 how to play the game in style. Why is this man so angry about it?


A fighting game fan from the United Kingdom, Scott picked up a copy of the Mortal Kombat collector's edition strategy guide last week, likely for the same reason I picked up a copy for myself: It's very pretty. Unfortunately Scott made a fatal mistake, opening the book and reading through it.

There are strategy guides that will actually help you play a game. As Scott points out in his video, BradyGames' Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 strategy guide is an epic tome full of potential win.


Then there are strategy guides that you put on your shelf so visitors can catch a quick glance and say, "Oh, you played Mortal Kombat? What was that like?" Strategy guides like the Mortal Kombat guide, which includes the line "In order to bring you the most accurate strategy guide possible and keep this guide ffrom becoming outdated, we have purposefully left out damage and character frame data information."

If you attempt to learn much of anything from them, things get quite heated, as Scott here discovered.

Thanks to Darius for passing along the vid!

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To anyone who doesn't "get" what's wrong with the guide— it's essentially a pretty, $35 Protip.