L.A. Noire's Lead Actor Says He Skips the Cutscenes

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The voice actor for the lead character in L.A. Noire is "Mad Men's" Aaron Staton, while Staton says he enjoys games, particularly Grand Theft Auto IV, he usually skips over the cutscenes.


Staton, who portrays Ken Cosgrove on the AMC series, tells Game Informer in its latest edition that he's played all of the Grand Theft Auto games, with Vice City his favorite. However:

As far as open-world games, or anything with a story, in the past, I've usually skipped the cutscenes to go into the gameplay. Which is a funny thing, but I'm just being honest.


Staton adds that L.A. Noire will be different of course, and will either blend cutscenes and gameplay more artfully or, I dunno, make one dependent upon the other. Either way, he says, you should totally not skip through his dialogue. "[It's] about trying to enhance the experience and bring those two together into a singular experience, rather than two separate things, where you're playing, then you put the controller down and watch," Staton said.

'Mad Men' Actor To Star In 'LA Noire,' Likes To Skip Cutscenes [MTV Multiplayer]

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Get your books, movies, and plots out of my videogames. Most of the really 'amazing' cut scenes are in games that play out like movies anyways. A lot of cut scenes offer no more to the plot than to give some one else a paycheck for rendering it.

Everyone's so "GOD SAVE THE CUT SCENES", "I'm a better person because I watch them.", "This guy must be an idiot, and cut scenes make his brain hurt." A handful of people actually agree, that yes, game play is why we buy games. The art of the videogame should be in the design and the concept of the game. Turning games into movies, wont benefit the industry in the long run; it's more of a free-pass for games to extend weak story lines for cut scenes and dialog for characters that aren't that believable.