Illustration for article titled emL.A. Noire Studio/em Owes $1 Million to Employees—and a Quarter of That Is Claimed by the Boss

Team Bondi, the Australian studio that saved the worst year of its existence for the one in which it finally delivered L.A. Noire, owes its employees more than $1 million, according to papers filed in the studio's liquidation.


It's a fitting epitaph for an outfit slagged over the summer for shady employment practices and insider sniping that the Bondi boss was something of an insufferable martinet. That guy, Brendan McNamara, has the largest claim on unpaid compensation, actually, coming in over $100,000. His other company, Depth Analysis, which created the animation technology that set L.A. Noire apart, is owed more than $140,000.


The studio is being liquidated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and the proceeds will go to pay outstanding claims held by McNamara, employees and other creditors.

Team Bondi, founded in 2003, released one game.

Team Bondi Owes Its Employees Over $1 Million [Game Informer]

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