Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

•Top Ten Samus Cosplays [VGChartz] This guy did not make the list.

•Top 10 Reasons Why PAX Is Better Than E3 [The Kartel] Hard for me to comment, since I've been to E3 but not PAX. I'd say the fact you don't have to know someone in the industry to get in is a big plus, although that restriction seems to be increasingly a formality down in L.A. Cab fare and hotel rates probably are better in Seattle, too.

•The 50 Best Mario Video Games of All Time [Complex] A comprehensively researched list that excludes "compilation titles, ports, games not released in the US, and remakes," still finds 50 in the series that are worth a mention. Super Mario Bros. is not No. 1, nor Nos. 2 or 3. It's No. 4.

•Top 10 Games That Don't Need An Internet Connection [Planet Xbox 360] If your Internet's out or, like mine, is getting the shit throttled out of it by Comcast, here are 10 games that do alright by themselves without a connection. You have to figure any console RPG is good here. Curious that Fallout 3 wasn't on the scene. BioShock is No. 1.


•Top 10 Gaming Franchises That Should Die [Joystick Division] The only real case that's made is for the demise of Kane & Lynch and Sonic, which have both well underperformed expectations for anything deserving another sequel. The rest boils down to "It's a series that's had a bunch of sequels and made a ton of money." Because that's always a good reason for a franchise to die.