Kotaku's Top 5 List of Top 10 Lists

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Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.


10 Facts I've Learned About Modern Warfare 2 [Unreality Magazine] More or less, in all of them the writer comes to the realization his opponents are douchebags. Grenade launcher-using? Douchebag. Level 70? Douchebag, prestige mode or GTFO. Tactical nuke? Cheating, camping douchebag. The writer doesn't invite much sympathy when he admits he can't use a sniper, however.

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VGC Top Ten: Worst Photoshop Disasters in Game Cover Art [VGChartz] This is a bit different from your run of the mill worst-boxart-ever lists. This one looks at covers featuring horribly Photoshop-mutilated subjects. NCAA March Madness 2003 (pictured) is a great example, making Drew Gooden into a dwarf with a mutant right arm. The Okami IGN watermark disaster is a no-brainer inclusion.

10 Video Game Resolutions for the New Year [Crispy Gamer] These are offered seriously, but some of them are a bit more hardcore than I can manage right now. "You will spend at least $10 each week on downloadable games and content." So, $520 annually? That's more than eight full-size titles. And I don't believe there is something out there, every week, that's worth picking up, to say nothing of the backlog it creates in your games library, especially if another resolution is to play 10-year-old games for two hours a week and beat a hard game you hate. No and no. This is recreation, not self-improvement.

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Five Remakes Gamers Would Pay Extra Cash For [Games Thirst] Well, Final Fantasy VII is naturally at the top of the list. Streets of Rage also has enough of a following to make it a no-brainer, but that's a 2D beat-em up, and let's all remember the lesson of Bionic Commando last year, which was outperformed by its own 2D update the year before.

99 Free Games from 2009 [Critical Distance] Consider this your timewaster public service of the day: a list of 99 free video games here (mostly flash games), presented in no particular order. You should bookmark this and refer back to it whenever you're looking to kill a little time, but don't have enough (or aren't in the mood) for a full title.



I have FFIV on PS1, GBA and DS and I *still* haven't finished it. I am sadly immune to nostalgia and therefore I doubt I'd shell out extra for an FF7 remake.

Unless the dated mechanics are polished up, new content is added and the whole thing is translated properly, I probably wouldn't even finish it.