Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

Fifteen Games that Defined the PlayStation Brand [Joystick Division] On the 15th birthday of the original PlayStation, Joystick Division looks at 15 games that helped cement the brand's place in modern gaming, beginning with Final Fantasy VII.


The Year's Most Cinematic Games [Independent Film Channel] If this were a video game site, this list would be old news. But it's interesting to see what independent film enthusiasts think of the medium. Uncharted 2, of course leads the list, followed by Red Faction: Guerrilla. But Flower?

Suggested New Titles for EA Sports [Ripten] Not really a Top-10 (or three), but Ripten's Chad Lakkis puts together an amusing three concepts for EA Sports, grappling with Tiger Woods' infidelity scandal and whether to keep him on the title of their golf game.

Seven Christmas Games that Make You Hate Christmas [GameSpy] A compilation of dreadful holiday-themed shovelware and the hideous The Santa Clause adaptation for Game Boy Advance. Elf Bowling is the dishonorable No. 1.


Top 8 Most Insulting Gifts for Gamers [The Kartel] Nothing sucks worse than to be typecast as the family gamer, and to get a cheap and completely out-of-it gift from a well intentioned but clueless relative. The usual collection of knockoffs populate this list. That cardboard arcade cabinet cutout for your PSP is humiliating for both giver and receiver. The Xbox 360 Arcade is a pretty shrewd choice (as you'd have to drop another $250 on the XBL the hard drive, the HD-CVI cables, another controller, it's the gift that keeps on taking.)

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