Kotaku's Top 5 List of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.


15 Super Cool PlayStation 3 Case Mods [GamingBolt] These aren't necessarily the top 15, but they do form a list, and most of them are cool, but I'm sure at least one is too garish, simple, under or overdone for everyone's taste here. If it were my PS3, I'd go with the seteampunk (pictured) or the ghost. All the others look like marketing commissions.

Ten Reasons We Don't Want the Next Gen [IGN] I dunno about you, but my reason is, "I haven't played all the good games in this gen yet." Nor, frankly, on the PS2.

Top Ten Games for People Who Hate Thanksgiving [Destructoid] The giant robot lays waste to timeless traditions of the harvest season with a lineup of games for the most antisocial, turkey-hating, horn-of-jack-shitia toting grinch with a controller and a headset. Custer's Revenge, MLB 09: The Show and Modern Warfare 2 make the list, for the vaffanculo they represent to Squanto, football and civilized conversation, respectively.

Top Ten Dumb Video Game PR Moments [VGChartz] How the Danté's Inferno "Sin to Win" fiasco didn't make this list, I don't know. Obvious targets include the PS3 launch, everything Microsoft said in response to the RRoD, and EA sending illegal weapons as Godfather II swag.


Top Ten Alternate Uses for the Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard [Gamervision] It's bad enough to be saddled with a dud game two weeks after it releases - at least you can unload that somewhat painlessly, even if it is just store credit. A dud with a useless peripheral is even worse, as it just sits there in the corner, mocking you. Here's some hints from Heloise for salvaging the Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard, accompanied by a few hilarious shoops.

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