It's a big day for Kotaku Talk Radio, our first broadcasting live from CBS Radio studios in New York. We'll also have on as a special guest Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann.

Our move to CBS Radio makes Kotaku Talk Radio a featured part of the Chat About It selection of talk shows . The move does not change our airtime or our winning format. It does give you a toll free number to call and will enable you to listen to the show live through the Internet on Kotaku.

Gerstmann, who some may remember as the longtime reviewer at GameSpot, follows the Kotaku Talk Radio guest-appearance trail-blazing of Amy Hennig, Ken Levine, Tim Schafer, Cliff Bleszinski, Jeremiah Slaczka, Major Nelson, Randy Pitchford and Todd Howard. Unlike those folks, Jeff doesn't make games. But, sometimes, he does rap.

Want to be heard on Kotaku Talk Radio? Call us on the air LIVE at (877) CHAT-212 or use Skype to dial in! You can also pick up a nifty, and free, iPhone App to listen to the show live here.


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