Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Your Mom Hates 'Shops Winners

A maternal reproach of Dead Space 2 served as the inspiration for last week's 'Shop Contest challenge. We received more than 800 submissions, so, inevitably, someone's getting left out of this roundup.

Multi-panel entries were by far the most common; Bouzi (3) Damian Jose Hernandez (6) and ilikejelly (10) supplied the best. Obligatory themes included duck45 (7) with Minecraft, jungletoad (11) with Asshole Dog and Packetloss (12) with Bad Dudes.


Many are trying to make the Nintendo 3DS band into a meme; clumsyninja (4) did the best job with that. Shredator (16) and resvrgam (15) were subtle but effective. My favorite this week? Cyanid.Pontifex's masterful Illusive Mom.

Congratulations to the finalists and many thanks to all who entered. We'll see you in here tomorrow.

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