Kotaku 'Shop Contest: What's He Really Playing? Edition

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Two weeks ago, MTV Multiplayer's Russ Frushtick invited Project Runway's Tim Gunn over to critique Mario's fashion sense - and blast on some virtual big game. And as a 'shop goes, this should be like shooting fish in a barrel.


So, your mission should be apparent. Bear (har har) in mind that Gunn is an avowed supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Project Runway also has just published a video game for the DS. So if you're stumped for a clever reskin of that arcade cabinet, maybe that can tune up your irony meter.

Source Image: Tim Gunn Playing Big Buck Safari (Image via Russ Frushtick's twitpic)


Rules, rules, rules: Post your entries in the comments below. Bear in mind the source image is 2000 pixels wide, so you might want to resize it to 1200 or 800 before posting. I'll approve as many as I can periodically, and next week post a gallery of the 20 or so best.

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