Kotaku 'Shop Contest: V.G. Noire Winners

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There are a million ‘Shops in the Naked City. Here are 20 of them.

Last week we took the ‘Shop Contest to L.A. Noire, and brought back another goldmine of entries. There were 540 comments in all, which means usually something like 400 entries at least. So making the final cut to 20 was pretty difficult. I'll be honest, some were very good but I just didn't get them. I tried to at least star those.


Here are our 20 finalists: Pedro Silva (12) took the bait and dropped in the first O.J. Simpson joke of the contest. Note the shifty eyes. pluckylump (13) also saw the possibilities in the railyard worker's uniform and turned in a spectacular Waluigi. Note the options in the corner. Kronicus (11) did something so goddamn ridiculous I have to include it here. I'm still chuckling.

Other ventures into the absurd: Khiyun (10). Look, Cookie Monster with a gun, that's funny. I threw a fit over d4rk-h4x0rer's (5) entry. Xzibit memes may be old hat but boopadoo (2), a repeat all-star here, pulled it off well.

Snake56 (16) went back to the cake meme but did a very good job with it. Again, note the options in the corner. Prof.Gast supplies the obligatory oh-shit-creeper ‘shop. Cyanid-Pontifex (4) does the same with Spy. Note the letterhead.

Overall winner candidates: dmcshinobi (6) had about a zillion entries, but I thought Osama playing L.A. Noire was his best. a316sob (1) fresh off a prolific outing of his own last week, turned in an amazing mashup of L.A. Noire and The Dark Knight. It's the ‘shop we need, but not the one we want. I've got to go with Spatula's laughs-at-first-sight interrogation of Asshole Dog. They got him cold.

Thanks again, everybody. We've got a great contest in store tomorrow, we'll see you then.



Super Special thanks to Master mrennett as his idea made it to the top 20!

... his brain flowed through the internet and into my Photo Editing EXE somehow!