OK, maybe Kenny's better off driving a train, and putting him in a go-kart was a bad idea and it got him killed. It was the best we could do! And Clementine, when you're older, maybe you'll understand. So just ... just look at these 'Shops, OK. And try to laugh. Especially at EllieRyan's, our overall No. 1.

Thanks again to all our participants. We had 10 overall finalists this week. We'll have a better exploitable tomorrow, gang, trust me on that. And on a personal note, welcome back to Panda17, a longtime all-star and a veteran of the old TAYpic days. Glad to have you back.









[EDITOR'S NOTE: I realize that "too soon" is always a sliding standard, and we've all done and laughed at tasteless things before here. But this is a humor feature and the audience's enjoyment is most important. Several made reasonable complaints about Venkman's, as it was a picture of a crash that killed a NASCAR driver. Therefore I've removed it. Venkman did nothing wrong. This was my mistake for not thinking when I selected it.]


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