This week's 'Shop Contest suggestion comes from Nick W. We all know that online stores like Steam's, the EA Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, don't have physical locations. But what if they did?

I've got six photos here pulled from Flickr's Creative Commons, but as you can imagine, this one can go in dozens of directions, more than just slapping a sign on a big box. Giant retail centers are sometimes the scene of protests, for example. They also put their logos on all sorts of other things - concrete planters, trashcans, shopping carts. So while these six are here to keep this from being a complete fishing expedition, this is going to require some creativity.

Source Image: Borders, by Flickr user Payton Chung

Source Image: Circuit City, by Flickr user Hattiesburgmemory

Source Image: Walmart, by Flickr user mjb84

Source Image: IKEA, by Flickr user Tanenhaus

Source Image: Costco interior, by Flickr user Orin Zebest

Source Image: Costco's infamous snack bar, by Flickr user quaziefoto

Remember, the source images are not a restriction, they're a starting point. You're all a daffy bunch, so these should be the starting points for a joke, not something already finished.


Also, remember, Photoshop is just one of many image editors. Free image editors, such as Gimp, are also out there; many of our all-star submitters use that one. So don't be limited by a lack of software. Remember the 20 best will be rounded up in a gallery Saturday. Start shoppin' those big boxes!

Reminder: Enter your submissions in the comments below. Do not email them to me.

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