IDW has it’s work cut out for it if it’s going to ever realize even a fifth of the licensed Sonic and friends get togethers you’ve all dreamed up. Which is probably a good thing, because a lot of these are too hot for the page.

While comic book Sonic has gone to a lot of weird and unexpected places, this week’s winner is something I think we could all get behind.

Salamanderjuice’s entry somehow caught me off-guard and yet it’s so obvious in hindsight. The people at IDW need to find a way to make this mash-up happen. And not just for Dragon Ball, but Dragon Ball Z as well. What happens when Cell sucks up a super fast hedgehog? These are the kinds of questions that deserve answers. Official ones. There’s only so far the fan-fic can take us.


There were a number of other great entries this week, including some honorable mentions:

Mrichston did a bang-up job unearthing this scrapped DLC idea.

And C Glenn’s deft touch here does so much with so little.

Mysterycupofjoe took a more straightforward approach. I fully expect IDW to make something exactly like this.

Finally there was amazingmao, who just wants to see Sonic kiss all the humans. Don’t we all.

Early Discloser made me a new background for my phone. Thank you!

zombie711 puts a spin on the classic bubble bath.

Hans Maulwurf goes for the meta crossover.

Andrew lets Sonic share the load.

Ihsus imagines a Three’s Company for the age of web reboots.

I would not put Mr Marsu’s idea past IDW either.

TheDude - 1★ Kotaku Celebrity went literal. I think we were on the same wavelength this week.

Mrichston goes old school.

I’m not sure whose more desperate in Mrichston’s mashup.

Governor Explosion gives IDW license to ink money.

cecil_banon “Final Fantasonic: Chaos Emerald Cross.”

I’m sorry Chrury Sanson but how is this not already real?

Pleasance13 with Niantic’s next festival idea.

Wedfig nails the level of energy put into some of my favorite comics.

zodiac puts together the dream team.

I love this BruceWayneByDay but you killing me with that watermark.

I don’t even know what to say Falconslab 

LinkToFutureSpongebob Sonicpants.”

keyakoo proving everyone deserves a Sonic crossover for the tagline alone.

This by handcuffedlightning perfectly captures my feels.

Hollow_Log has a new mod idea.

Green Monkie wants to frighten the shit out of all the Sonic-loving kids.

keyakoo captures every Sega fan after playing on their friend’s SNES.

Alright this one from Done with Kinja I would totally consider actually reading.