In the latest Photoshop contest I asked for images of Sombra from her day job before getting the call up to join the rest of her Overwatch comrades.. The contestants apparently took this very literally. As the game’s hacker extraordinaire, she no doubt probably spent at least a few of her days refreshing Newegg while answering the IT Help Desk phones.

While I assumed most of the entrees would veer toward the completely mundane (Sombra the dog walker? Sombra the crossing guard?), what could be more fitting than Sombra as a fictional hacker’s neurosis played by Christian Slater? The winning entry, courtesy of Rei-Cebola, revealed that the real Mr. Robot was actually Sombra all along!

In the eternal struggle for control of Elliot’s psyche, I don’t think there’s any question who would win out between these two. The honorable mentions below ranged are not for the feint of heart. If you spend most of your week under the Man’s thumb at a soul crushing job, the following my be just a little too real.

Almost Everybody Wins


RusticStratus took the road most traveled, but perhaps traveled it the best.

GiantBoyDetective thought Disney would actually let Sombra leave and go work somewhere else.


MrDeadScott showed us everyone cool really did work at Starbucks at some point in their life.


Hollow_Log got bonus points for the GIF, and for making me hungry.

Cartoonivore imagined Sombra selling future footwear by pointing at it.


Sciteach took us all down a dark, dark path. Some chapters are best left unread.

And Luffie just made everyone’s day by confirming Overwatch will in fact be available on the Nintendo Switch.


And that‚Äôs it for the first ‚ÄėShop contest. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but be sure to check back tomorrow for what is sure to be an even better one as I continue to figure out what the hell I‚Äôm doing!