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Sombra is finally here! After a months long, arduous ARG campaign from Blizzard teasing the latest Overwatch character’s reveal, the punk hacker will be available to play this week. She was greeted with a mixture of joy and sorrow, laughter and crying, and jokes...and more jokes.

So what took so long? What was Ms. Purple Rain doing for all those weeks before being tasked with handing out medals at BlizzCon 2016? What better way to answer that question and more than with the return of the ‘shop contest.


This is my first one, so bear with me. This week, I’m looking for you to imagine Sombra’s day job before making her debut on Overwatch. We’ve all had terrible jobs before. What’s the most boring, exotic, or unlikely thing hidden on her resume? Any kind of workplace, or work situation, will do.

As always, post the results in the comments below and we’ll reveal the winners on Saturday!

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