Nintendo is officially making mobile games. While we wait to see what fruit the company's partnership with DeNA will bear, our readers imagine exciting new ways to play and pay for Nintendo games on their phones and tablets. Maybe it won't be all that bad?

I was expecting last week's 'Shop Contest to bear dozens of images of Mario having to pay for extra lives and jumping, many of our readers took the idea of a mobile Nintendo in a different direction. Many posted hopeful images of what could be. Others imagined nightmare scenarios.

This week's winner, Ginger Snap, imagined a mobile game that captured the spirit of the original NES system, bringing back one of the biggest working fallacies of our youth. The blowing really doesn't do anything, yet it does. That's Nintendo magic!

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Mrichston — because this is actually quite clever.

KingpinZero — it's already happening!


CzarOfTheNorthwest — though that's far too much for a ghost house.

Mr Moustache — though I don't know, there've been times I would have done this.


WatchOutForSnakes — because this could work.

CityShrimp — as could this. Maybe this won't be so bad.


Jellybeanman13 — or nevermind.

PAPERTIG3RS — we're just a Nintendo sticker away from this already.


codexcdm — I wouldn't put this past them.

Vandel Buster — aw, leave the poor N-Gage alone.


Eggyhead — Awww man, Baten Kaidos. Not fair.

Kcity — I wouldn't rule out a screen like this.


coolmanguy — I would not hate this.

Pain-in-the-sass — mainly because I like that you got the lighting on the screen right.


99Typhoons — Reddit would have conniptions.


My other car was the other woman — two dollars a solve? It's a stupid people tax!

narffet — because the world needs more inactive Google+ accounts.


Emucratic — for Pikminception.

Zach Williams — this can never, ever happen.


Taurenrider — for an appropriate response.

sciteach — because everybody happy!


Fizziks — for figuring out a new way to monetize Mario.

uscg_pa — for being such a bright-eyed dreamer.


Velduanga — for making my head hurt.

Dorkpool — because this seems pretty safe.


GiantBoyDetective — he came.

Arch Duke Maxyenko — for another appropriate response



Ginger Snap — for the win!

Join us next week, when we take a time machine back to later today, when the next 'Shop Contest debuts.