Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Merit Badge Edition

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This week word spread that the Cub Scouts were now offering video game badges. Unlike everyone else, we treated the subject seriously and sensitively at first, but now the time has come to follow the rest of the pack.


Many of you suggested this, and indeed, this is amazingly fertile soil for a 'Shop Contest: Either redesign the Cub Scouts' belt loop and pin, awarded for completing a course of study in video games, or make up a new one yourself. The Headshot Merit Badge. The Teabag Merit Badge. The Wallhack Merit Badge. The Tecmo Boob Jiggle Merit Badge. I figure Team Fortress 2 must be good for about a thousand of these things. And let's not forget Fallout, whose cheerful perk icons definitely fit the spirit, too. The sky is the limit.

Here are the images of the real belt loop and pin, but they're kind of small. I couldn't find any larger ones, and these come from the Scouting.org website itself.

Source Image: Cub Scouts Video Game Belt Loop

Source Image: Cub Scouts Video Game Pin

I also figure this big-size picture of the three major badge animals - Bobcat, Wolf and Bear - as cartoon characters ought to be useful to someone.

Source Image: Cub Scout Badge cartoon characters.

To enter, post your images in the comments below. I and the starred commentariat will approve and promote as many as we can periodically. Remember, if you haven't been approved for commenting, this is a great way to earn the privilege.

If you post and it doesn't show up immediately, be patient. You are posting from an unapproved account and I or one of the starred commenters will get around to approving it. I can still see your entry even if others can't. So that also means, don't email it to me, or to tips, or to all the editor emails.

You know the drill, 20 best shops get in the gallery on Saturday. Have fun!



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