Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Mask-uerading

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What can I say? Dishonored 2 has me at a bit of a loss honestly. Watching Corvo don the mask again simply didn’t have the same effect on me as it did in the first game.


In fact, it felt kind of...ridiculous? I mean, after murdering that many people and more or less completely changing the political landscape of Dunwall, you’d think someone would recognize that gnarly steampunk mask of his. No Corvo, maybe let’s not go back undercover by wearing one of George Lucas’ prototype rejects for Darth Vader’s head.

No worries though, as I’m sure you wonderful Kotaku readers will have some excellent ideas for what to replace Corvo’s old mask with. Or Emily’s for that matter. The bandanna around the mouth feels a bit...incomplete.

So simply take any screenshot from the game with Emily or Corvo in it and give them a better disguise. Preferably something funny or poignant.

Entries are due by Saturday morning, after which point winners will be mercifully spared.

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