In our latest Photoshop contest I asked for images of Sonic and Mario characters at the real Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Our contestants either ignored that request completely, or went way dark. This was not entirely unexpected.

I figured that the much-publicized poor quality of Rio’s water-like substance would steal the show, one way or another, and it certainly did. Billysan’s winning entry, seen in its entirety below, pretty much captured the overall sentiment.

Bad water took the gold, followed closely by horrific injuries and folks who actually followed directions.

Warning: Some of the entries this time around were a little gruesome. Proceed with caution.

Almost Everybody Wins

At Risk Asterisk took things just a little too obscure.

Also_Ran hammers on French gymnast Samir Aït Saïd’s horrible leg injury.

MrDeadScott recruits Dr. Mario to analyze Rio water samples.

Kurohei highlights one of Sonic’s biggest weaknesses.

I think Zipster’s Mario might be cheating.

Pretty sure that is not an officially sanctioned event, Cartoonivore.

I’ll never forget Peach’s cold, dead eyes, Iharm.

Doctor Nein explains why we don’t have many quality images freely available to work with.

Mrichston makes the Olympic mascots one percent more lovable, for a total of two percent.

FIVE GOLDEN RINGS. Thanks, Sciteach.

LupusVerdi adds urgency and danger to the proceedings.

Slide’s entry may be small, but it’s big on pain.

Chrury Sanson loses points for not using Shadow.

Arch Duke Maxyenko transforms Sonic into a real estate agent for some reason.

Cecil_Banon has a better explanation for the submerged couch incident.

And that’s it for what very well might be my final ‘Shop Contest, as I transition back to a Monday through Friday work schedule. It’s been very, very odd.