This week's 'Shop Contest inspiration comes from star commenter Antiterra, reacting to news that Kinect will not debut in China thanks to laws that protect a robust knock-off industry forbid the sale of most consoles there.


Like anyone believes there won't be counterfeited, bootlegged or even a few bona fide Kinects sold on the black market there. The examples of this happening with the latest must-have products from the West are too numerous to list. So let's help with their product packaging!

Source Image: Kinect

Source Image: Kinect Games

Your mission: Give these items believably, or unbelievably, fake packaging, brand names, or like Antiterra, celebrity endorsements for their inevitable launch in the world's fastest-growing market. Feel free to use any images you find other than these. Feel free to use any products (The 3DS? PlayStation Move?) other than these. This is just a starting point.

We'll round up the 20 most hee-larious ones in a gallery on Saturday. Enjoy your black market 'Shopping spree!

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