So, thanks for your patience while we worked out the kinks in our first 'Shop Contest. The bonus, you get your next assignment a week earlier than planned. What games can an iSlate handle? Let your imagination be the guide.

As we all know, Apple will unveil its tablet PC later this week, and we've been sent strong signals that this will be a gaming platform in addition to its other inevitable gee-whiz qualities. The reveal isn't until Wednesday. So this is where you, dear readers come in. What kind of games do you expect to see on this device? Better yet, what kinds of games do you think it can handle?


Again, this question can be answered seriously or humorously - especially the latter, given Apple's spotty reputation for games that only recently has it started to overcome with the iPhone.

Source image: Apple iSlate

I'll also offer a second option, in case the iSlate does not tickle your fancy or the image isn't large or detailed enough to suit you. Remember the Silent Hill cosplayer and the terrified-looking vacuum cleaner? Go to town. What other appliance might Pyramid Head be about to murder?


Source image: Pyramid Head Cosplayer

Here are the rules: Post your submissions as a reply in this comment thread. I'll do my best to drop in periodically, approve and promote submissions so that they appear in the main comment thread. Next week when I introduce a new subject I'll round up a gallery of the best submissions for publication there.


Again, please do not email your submissions to me or to anyone at Kotaku. We were deluged with 'shops last week, and this is the best way to handle mass participation and keep the lines clear.