Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Heavy Rain Edition

No doubt about it, Heavy Rain's box art for North America is a train wreck, if two trains overcame their apathy long enough to crash into each other. Think you can do better? Here's your chance.

Opening Kotaku's first regular Photoshop contest - which many have clamored for - is our call for submissions of a better boxcover for the upcoming PS3 exclusive. The European release at least gets a thought-provoking still life of origami.


American and Canadian consumers get the origami, but they also get a cheerfully out-of-place wet t-shirt contestant, and three men wearing various expressions of shame, the third apparently contemplating suicide.

So here's where you come in. Make this better. And by better, we mean, make it either more humorous, more serious, more ironic, more anything than this lukewarm shit salad of an album cover.

Source Material:

Heavy Rain European Box Art
Heavy Rain U.S. Box Art

Update: This contest is now CLOSED. No more submissions are being accepted. The week one winners were posted here.

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